Revolutionizing how freelance crew get hired.find new opportunities.reduce downtime.showcase credits.grow their network.share availability.communicate.stay connected.gain visibility.

ShoBizzy is the first of its kind marketplace for freelance production crew to network and connect with their industry peers, while showcasing their talent and availability to producers. ShoBizzy’s AI will automatically suggest freelance talent to productions and give freelancers more opportunities for work than ever before.

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You work hard and deserve a software that works for you.

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Increase Opportunities

ShoBizzy was built to help you, the freelance talent, promote yourself, connect with others, and get more work.  It’s simple, you sign up on the app, link your IMDb profile, add some additional info like upcoming availability, and let ShoBizzy take it from there.  Our AI algorithm will put your profile in front of those staffing your role for upcoming productions that match your experience. 

In addition to being matched with those you know and have worked with before, ShoBizzy will suggest you to productions outside your network and give you opportunities you never had before.  We’re all about growing your career, reducing your downtime, and making you more money at no cost to you. Kind of a no-brainer!

Showcase Yourself

Take control of your digital profile like never before by showcasing your availability, credits, skills, location, affiliations, media, and more. LinkedIn simply wasn’t built for freelance crew and we’re here to change that. 

Willing to work as a local in another city to get more work? Available to work on your off days to earn that extra coin? Want to highlight some skills or highlight reels that set you apart from the rest? Wish you could feature key credits and hide others? You’re in control here, showcase your profile to let those hiring see what you’re all about! 

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Industry Networking

Connect with industry peers and expand your professional network to help further your career. In our current, often remote world, the need for networking is more important than ever. Your network is how you get opportunities, either directly or indirectly. ShoBizzy provides a simple and efficient way to connect you with those you’ve worked with before to help you grow your network quickly.

As your network grows, the opportunities presented to you grow exponentially. We’re here to help make that happen. Come join the fastest growing network in entertainment and let’s keep you busy for years to come.

Production Communication

Where creativity meets efficiency.  Say goodbye to text threads and email chains that are messy and unorganized. ShoBizzy’s built-in production communication hub allows you to communicate with your entire crew in a groundbreaking new way. From the moment you are hired, you will have immediate visibility to see who is on the crew, and be able to instantly message them. We create channels for the entire crew and each department automatically, allowing for a simple and organized way for you to communicate with your team.

Call sheets can be shared nightly, calendar events can be created for specific teams or all crew, and you can feel empowered with all necessary information day in and day out. Communication is paramount in running a seamless production, and these tools are built to keep everyone from the studio, the production company, and the entire crew in the loop. 

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