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ShoBizzy gives vendors a much needed platform to showcase their business, network with producers, and gain valuable exposure to help them land more production gigs and make more money.

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Let us highlight your business in front of key production decision makers.

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Increase Exposure

ShoBizzy is here to help you promote your business, connect with producers, and get more work.  It’s simple, you sign up, create your profile, and let ShoBizzy take it from there.  Our AI algorithm will put your business in front of the productions that need your services and will increase your exposure. 

In addition to being matched with those you know and have worked with before, ShoBizzy will suggest you to productions outside your network and give you opportunities you never had before.  We’re all about growing your business, reducing your downtime, and getting you more opportunities. 


Generate More Revenue

Whether you’re the biggest vendor in your category or a smaller company that provides a great service, ShoBizzy’s goal is to put you in front of decision makers and generate more revenue for your business.  Our platform lets you showcase your business, connect with potential clients, and compete on a level playing field with your competition.

Once you’re signed up, we will match you with all productions in which your business is a fit and provide you with increased opportunities to book production jobs and generate more revenue. 

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Showcase Your Business

Take control of your business profile and put your best foot forward. Create a customizable vendor profile page to showcase your business, gear, offerings, experience, skills, location, media, and more. 

We understand that you are proud of the work you’ve done and want the ability to highlight your credits. So we are giving vendors the ability to showcase your credits just like any individual can, to get the credit you deserve. We promise to give you the tools to make your company really shine and help you grow your business. 

Network With Producers

It’s a “who you know” industry and we’re out here helping companies like yours know more people that matter most to your business. Connect with peers, industry leaders, and decision makers and expand your professional network to help grow your business. 

As your network grows, the opportunities presented to you grow exponentially. We’re here to help make that happen. Come join the fastest growing network in entertainment and let’s keep you busy for years to come.

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