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ShoBizzy provides a platform for studios, networks, and streamers to seamlessly manage all their productions and save significant money by streamlining all of the tedious processes involved in staffing, finding locals, communicating, tracking inclusion and much more.

Production company, studio, network production dashboard

Manage all your productions in one simple platform.

Return on Investment

Below is an example ROI of a TV show with 50 crew that shot in New Mexico for 30 days.


Reduced Time Spent Staffing Savings


Travel, Hotel, and Per Diem Savings*


Additional State Tax Credit Savings*

*Assumes ShoBizzy helped find 12 out of the 50 crew to be New Mexico locals.

Dashboard to organize productions and track production staffing metrics

Production Dashboard

Your very own production dashboard provides you and your team a beautiful interface with instant visibility into key metrics across all your productions from development to post. Track staffing progress, inclusion initiatives, and local hires, while you stay organized, easily communicate with crews, and maintain internal reviews all in one place. 

With our production dashboard, you'll have the power to make informed decisions, streamline your workflow, and ultimately elevate the success of your productions. Sign up now and take your productions to the next level!

Track Inclusion

For the first time ever, track inclusion initiatives in real time during the staffing process. Simply set your inclusion goals before staffing and let ShoBizzy track your progress as you hire crew, in real time. And if you start falling behind your initiative, we’ll let you know. 

Not only does our platform do all the legwork for you and track your progress towards your inclusion goals, but we also remove the need for you to ask crew to answer diversity and inclusion questions. So stop wasting time requesting information and filling out inclusion spreadsheets after the fact and let ShoBizzy handle all your inclusion needs for you.

Production metrics track inclusion initiatives for a specific production

Production crew recommendations powered by AI

Save Money

No matter how big or small a production, we know budgets are tighter than ever and you are always looking for ways to save money. Our platform is designed with cost savings in mind and guarantees that we will provide you with the resources you need to save significant money on every production.  

ShoBizzy will cut your staffing time down considerably by automatically checking your network’s avails, suggesting top candidates, and providing faster references from trusted connections, also reducing the likelihood of making bad hires.  We will also provide your entire team with greater access to quickly find and hire top local talent, saving you money on travel, hotels, per diem, and tax credits.  Once staffed, our platform will keep your whole production connected and organized, ensuring that every shoot day is as efficient and productive as possible.

Streamline Communication

Set your production up for success from day 1 by allowing your crew to be more organized and connected with the ShoBizzy production messaging platform. We automatically create channels for every department and allow admins to share messages and important documents (ie, nightly call sheets) with the entire crew. Whether you want to privately message a crew member, connect with your department, or keep the execs up to date, your production communication has never been more organized.

We know how critical communication is and the current methods just don’t cut it. Streamlining the communication among crew members in one simple platform helps ensure that all your productions run smoothly. This new layer of visibility will allow all departments to work together faster and more efficiently, with a level of security and accountability that you can’t get from emails and text messages.

Production messaging and document sharing

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